The Benefit of Cross-Training at DirtFish


When you think of motorsports such as Formula 1, road racing, and NASCAR, you can easily relate them all to closed-circuit tracks and a sealed . So why would training on gravel and dirt be beneficial for these different varieties of racing? Benjamin Pedersen (Formula 4) and the crew from Global Racing Group, Garret Archer (NASCAR K&N Series), and Cole Keatts (GRC and Off-Road Short Course) all headed to DirtFish with the goal of improving their overall driving capabilities.

Tackling our school courses in RWD Subaru BRZs, the students purposefully broke traction to gain confidence behind the wheel while utilizing advanced car control techniques. Over the course of a three day developmental class, the students were taught by our professional instructors on car control, weight transfer, patience and vision, all transferable and incredibly useful skills to their respective motorsport professions.

Watch the video below for a firsthand look into their experience with cross-training at DirtFish: