The First Rallysprint of 2016 at DirtFish

Uncategorized | April 04, 2016

This weekend we hosted the second Northwest Rallysprint at the DirtFish property. The Northwest Rally Association did a great job of organizing and putting together and exciting event, offering competitors two rally stages with a good variety of high speed and technical sections.

With the sun out and temperatures in the 70’s, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer spring day for all of the competitors and spectators alike. Throughout the day, spectators were able to get out in the sun and enjoy some great vantage points for amazing views of the racing.

DirtFish’s own Lead Instructor, Nate Tennis, took the win in one of the DirtFish Subaru STI’s, followed by Agatino Fortunato in his 2015 Subaru STI (bright pink). Rounding out the top 3 was James Rimmer and co-driver Malli Sheaffer, who were in a Prodrive-built Subaru STI (GC chassis). DirtFish Instructor, Michelle Miller, was also out there competing from the right seat: co-driving for Tony Torchia in his naturally aspirated Subaru. The duo achieved 2nd place in the Under class.

Below you will find full results and photos from the event.

1Nate TennisA. TowbridgeAWD Over2005 Subaru STI40:57.70
2Tino FortunadoIrvin, BillyAWD Over2016 Subaru STI42:12.60
3James RimmerMalli SheafferAWD Over1994 Subaru Prodrive GC843:24.50
4Andy SharplesTracy ManspeakerAWD Over2000 Subaru Impreza 43:51.20
DNFKenny WahlA. Blackstock-PedrosoAWD Over2002 Subaru WRXDNF


1Sean ReulandS. StrahanAWD Under1993 Subaru47:01.90
2Tony TorchiaMichelle MillerAWD Under2003 Subaru Impreza51:03.30


1Tyler HendricksC. Frosig2WD Under1985 Volkswagen Golf45:24.60
2Jason baileyM. Kulawiak2WD Under2014 Scion FRZ8645:41.20
3Chris KobayashiJ. Medcroft2WD Under2000 Ford Focus49:37.20
4Pierce FabianD. Murphy2WD Under1996 Volkswagen Jetta50:56.30
DNFGarth AnkenyR. Kraushaar2WD Under1981 Toyota StarletDNF
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