Studies Have Shown That Couples Who Rally Together, Stay Together!

Uncategorized | February 02, 2017

Diamonds may be forever, but an experience at DirtFish will last a lifetime. Are you looking for the perfect first date? Do you want to see a side of your partner that you’ve never seen before? Does your significant other have a competitive side? Try something different this year and be our Valentine!

Here at our headquarters, DirtFish Instructor, Kathy Hardy and husband, Judd truly believe that couples who play together, stay together. They first fell in love with rally after attending a Half Day class together in 2011. Two weeks after that adrenaline-filled day, they entered their first rally cross and have since competed in numerous rallies around the Pacific Northwest. Kathy says, “Completing a two day stage rally is an intense experience and I love getting to share the exhilaration and the challenge with my husband, Judd!” Another awesome duo is DirtFish Instructor and Motorsports Team Manager, Michelle Miller and husband, Chris. They have been auto-crossing together for years, and Chris finally caught the rally bug and rallied himself! They build their cars together and encourage one another every step of the way.

So this Valentine’s Day, why not try DirtFish for a change? We guarantee you will not regret it!