Red Bull Global Rallycross MCAS New River Race Preview

Motorsports | July 03, 2015

It’s been nearly two weeks since the huge success of Tanner Whitten and the DirtFish GRC Lites team, in Daytona. Even though it was only the third Red Bull Global Rallycross race for them both, Tanner walked away with a second place trophy! Thanks to his podium finish, he is currently sitting in 2nd place overall in the 2015 drivers championship, only 6 points behind Alejandro Fernandez.

Tanner has been hard at work here at DirtFish, getting some training in to hopefully get on top of the podium and even take the lead for the championship. Not only has he been instructing and teaching people what it takes to be fast on the track, he has also been training in one of our front-wheel-drive cars and transferring the skills learned there into the Lites car. “We were able to do some cross platform training in one of our front-wheel-drive cars that we have at DirtFish. With FWD you are forced to commit to more corner entry speed in order to make the car rotate totally through the corner. It is great discipline training that translates extremely well to the AWD platform of the GRC Lites car,” says Tanner.

Photo by Justin Fitch (DirtFish)

Now, it’s time for the fourth round of the 2015 season and what better place to hold an event during the 4th of July weekend, than an active United States Military Base! The venue for the race this weekend is MCAS New River, located near the southeast coast of North Carolina, across the river from Jacksonville. Nothing says “AMERICA!” quite like high-horsepower cars flying through the air with V-22 Ospreys and Hueys in the background!

Photo by Trevor Wert (DirtFish)

The track for the weekend is the longest and fastest track in the history of the Red Bull Global Rallycross, with a setup similar to Daytona; with long, fast straight-aways, a good amount of dirt and another large tabletop jump. It will reward teams and drivers that are well prepared, Tanner had this to say; “We fully expect to see speeds close to 120mph at the end of the front straightaway. It’s going to be a challenge for drivers as well as the teams to setup the cars for straight-line speed as well as high-speed corner stability. I am looking forward to the challenge and am pushing for another podium this weekend!” All of his training will really come into play on this track, where carrying speed will be everything.


Tune-in to NBC this Sunday at 5PM EST/2PST to watch the Super Cars go at it and next Wednesday at 6PM EST/3PST for the GRC Lites race.

Photo by Trevor Wert (DirtFish)