RallySprint: The Ultimate Test Day

Uncategorized | February 27, 2017
RallySprint is still fairly new here in the states and what you don’t know may be hurting you! Because Sprints offer the opportunity to brush up on your skills, shake off the off-season cobwebs and doing any testing needed for the upcoming season, we want to make sure you are in the know.  
With the PNW stage season kicking off April 21st at the Oregon Trail Rally, the RallySprint at DirtFish on March 19th is where you need to be to make sure you are in the best condition possible.  
This race will consist of two courses that will around 2 miles each. These closed courses allow for speeds slightly under your typical stage, challenging you to focus on handling and control.  Maybe the best part is that we don’t have 100 year old forest trees on course – you won’t be stressing about wrecking a month before your big race!
If this is news to you, here are some FAQs to get you going.  If you have any lingering questions, hit up the crew at Northwest Rally Association.  And don’t forget to register by March 16th – there is no race day sign up available.  
What is RallySprint? 
RallySprint is a one day an event where competitors run the same courses multiple times.  Courses are generally 1-3 miles in length and are run at a slightly lower speed.  This reduces the risk of damage to your car and your body!  Sprints are one-day events, so there is no need to put your crew up for multiple nights. Just show up, race and go home.
Why would I use a RallySprint as a shake-down?
The reasons are plentiful but here are our favorites:
  • The course is set up for you and maintained throughout the day to keep it safe and prevent unnecessary damage to cars.
  • There is time between runs to make adjustments or repairs.
  • Runs are officially timed so you can compare vehicle and technique changes easily.
  • Many opportunities to work out kinks in driver/co-driver communication and strategy.
What safety equipment do I need?
We ask that you read the full SCCA RallySprint Rules so you are well informed and have no race-day surprises but here is a quick summary of what you need.
Personal Safety Equipment:
  • Fire suit with two layers of fire protection
  • Helmet with SA 2005 rating or newer
  • HANS device
Vehicle Safety Equipment
  • Car must have approved log book (SCCA, NASA, Rally America, ARA, CARS)
  • Roll cage with proper padding
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Race seats
  • Harnesses within date
Do I need a co-driver?
Yes, your co-driver will be responsible for aiding with navigation, just like Stage Rally.  Sprints are a low-stress environment to build a relationship between driver and co-driver. They also provide a great opportunity to practice and troubleshoot race day operations. 
NoteIf you are or know of a new co-driver looking to learn, we have a couple spots left in our Co-Driver school on April 15th with Subaru Rally Team USA Co-Driver, Craig Drew.
Will pace notes be provided?
No, we do not give pace notes.  Instead, you will be given a course map and a reconnaissance (recce) lap to create your own pace notes. The recce lap is driven at under 30 mph with no stopping permitted.
What can I expect on race day?
  • Show up at least an hour before the driver meeting.
  • Sign a waiver.
  • Paddock and set up your area for the day.
  • Prepare your car for competition (remove loose items, change wheels/tires as needed, etc).
  • Take your car and personal safety equipment (for both driver and co-driver) through technical inspection/scrutineering.
  • Check in at registration.
  • Attend the driver meeting.
  • Race!
What class should I register for?
Classes are set up based on drivetrain and engine size.  If your car is turbo or supercharged, there is a 1.4x multiplier for engine displacement which may bump you into a higher class.
RallySprint Class Summary
2wd – Over 2.5 liter
2wd – Under 2.5 liter
4wd – Over 2.5 liter
4wd – Under 2.5 liter
Are you ready to sign up? Visit the Northwest RallySprint at Dirtfish Registration page
If we didn’t answer your question, check out the full SCCA RallySprint rules or contact the NWRA team.  See you on the course!