New Five Day Program in December

Uncategorized | November 01, 2018

Have you ever wondered if we would combine our best selling Three Day Program with our Three Day Advanced Program? Well, we have done it and made it five days instead of six! This brand new Five Day Program is being offered December 10th through 14th, 2018 and will be taught in our rear-wheel drive Subaru BRZ school cars. This program will be an intense one and is truly for people who love to drive and just can’t get enough seat time! Covering almost every acre of drivable courses we have to offer over the five days, the program starts with the basics of weight transfer, left foot braking introduction, and providing a straightforward understanding of loose surface car control. The class will then progress through more advanced techniques like inducing and correcting slides, when and where to brake to maximize traction, straight line and trail braking, recognizing limits, driving real stage rally roads and overlapping pedal inputs with acute corners and linking corners. The ultimate payoff? The fifth and final day, where your new found talents are sharpened on an intense course that will be absolutely unforgettable!

This program is perfect for the diehard gearhead, the adventurer, and the bucketlister who wants to experience almost everything we have to offer in one program. Click the button below to book our very first Rear-Wheel Drive Five Day Program in December: