DirtFish Instructor, Travis Nease 3rd at Doo Wop Rally

Uncategorized | September 29, 2017

Travis Nease and co-driver Krista Skucas hit the rally roads in Shelton, Washington, where just a few months ago the duo won their first national event. The Doo Wop Rally is a Nasa Rally Sport sanctioned event taking place in one day, with competitors registering, doing tech, running recce, and competing all in one day. Which meant an early 7:30A.M. start for the whole Hi Camp Racing team.

 With a short recce the pair had to make efficient use of the allotted time they had, luckily having some notes for the Kuhnle stage. They made the most of their time finishing exactly at the recce close.

Soon after recce they switched into race mode and in the opening stages Travis was driving awesome. “He was driving at another level today, I think the conclusion of the ARA Championship lifted a little bit of weight off of his shoulders and he was really flowing and driving great out there,” Krista said after the event. By the end of stage two the team had settled into 3rd place behind Seehorn and Albert and would eventually finish there, overcoming a front flat tire about 2 miles in on the final stage. Despite the tire going down they still finished 2 seconds better than their previous effort. The team is definitely building confidence with each event.