DirtFish Instructor 2017 Racing Plans

Uncategorized | March 29, 2017

Find out what the DirtFish instructors will be up to throughout 2017! Some will be competing in rally, others on road courses and some will even be doing high-speed burnouts competing in drift competitions. 


My name is Nate, I’m a Leo. I’m reviving a ‘70’s SAAB 99 for rally competition to highlight my 20th year of rallying. Once finished, I plan on running as many CIRC events as possible in whatever class Group 2 used to be. If possible, I may also revive an ‘80’s Audi Coupe(ish) Quattro for RallySprint duty in an effort to spit flames and make bitchin’ five cylinder noises. I think I’m finally wise enough to consider 1000 miles of Mexican desert in an air-cooled Beetle is a terrible idea, so that will probably not happen this year (or ever again, please, someone tell me never to do that again).


I am building a new open class GD shell with pretty much everything coming over from the old shell I ran last year with the goal of hitting maximum lightness at 2900lbs. This version will see improved braking, weight balance, and a slight increase in power messing around with compression ratios and some cylinder head work. Hoping to make its maiden voyage at OTR if my schedule permits otherwise it’ll probably be Idaho. Also, hoping to compete in Rally Colorado and then who knows what in the fall but likely all the CIRC events I can get to. I maintain my sponsorships with Turbo by Garrett, Innovative Tuning, Cusco USA, and of course DirtFish. My goal is to win all the regional rallies and podium at the national events.


I will be Co-driving for James Rimmer at the Oregon Trail Rally and most likely the Olympus rally.  I will be teaming up with Sam Albert again this season for Idaho Rally, Pacific Forest Rally, Big White Winter Rally and possibly the Colorado Rally and/or Wyoming Rally. There is a chance I may do an autocross or two if my schedule permits. I currently have no plans right now to compete in Solo Nationals due to schedule conflicts. A big part of my racing season will be spent managing the DirtFish Motorsports Team and traveling around the country to all of the 2017 Red Bull GRC events with Conner Martell and James Rimmer.


6’4″. Blonde. Dashingly mediocre, financially stable-ish and skid-racer extraordinaire. Planning to campaign the Evergreen Drift series in Monroe and the Spec-D drift series in Edmonton, Alberta. That’s in Canada. I’ll use my 95 Nissan 240sx, because what ELSE would you drift in? The goal is a Formula Drift Pro2 license. I am also running a few charity road rallies, NHRA licensing events, and seriously considering renting a DF vehicle to do my first stage rally at the Idaho Rally. We’ll see what funding allows. 


I plan to attend the Formula Drift Pro 2 series teaming up with Brandon Schmidt and potentially Dylan Hughes for media work. Additionally would still like to participate in some local autocross and track day events when they pop up and potentially invest in a rally or drift car later on in the year. 


I plan on competing in all of the 7 of the Canadian Rally Championship events and perhaps most of the American Rally Championship chasing that Subaru contingency money as well!  I will be doing this in a Restricted Open Class 2017 WRX STI.  Given that I am doing so many of the North American events, that puts me in the mix of hopefully a strong finish in the North American Rally Championship.  Since this is a brand new car, my goals are to steadily upgrade the car and finish as many rallies as possible to get that precious seat time. 


Hello I’m Mirko. F1-sized, a Taurus, and a terrible weakness for vintage Italian cars and gelato (that’s ice cream). This year I’ll again endure the cliche “Fiat” jokes and get the age-old question, “Why?” as I campaign my Alfa Romeo Milano/75 with ICSCC and SOVREN in the Northwest. My goal is to also race a couple of SCCA events at tracks I have not raced at before. In between race weekends I will be preaching and teaching the high performance driving gospel to anyone who will listen, in the hopes of hooking some new folks into the sport. 


I’m probably going to make a couple of RC races and hang with my nerdy friends. I’d like to get a dirt kart for the winter season at the end of the year, but we’ll see if it happens. 

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