Conner Martell: Nutrition and Fitness

Uncategorized | April 13, 2016

With the Red Bull GRC season only a month and a half away, everyone at DirtFish has been hard at work prepping cars, designing liveries, working on logistics and getting the new hauler ready to go on the road. All the while, Conner Martell has been spending his time focusing on driving and preparing for the racing season to start.

One aspect that doesn’t cross most peoples’ mind when thinking about a racing driver, is the fact that it’s more than just training in the car. There are other aspects that help you become the best driver possible, such as a structured fitness and nutrition program. This isn’t anything new to Conner – while he was racing motocross, there was a lot of riding that was followed by a daily workout, school and motorcycle re-prep, all while making sure he was eating healthy each day.

It is important for the car to be in top shape, but equally as important (if not more important) is making sure the driver is in top shape as well. That means following a strict fitness program and a well-planned nutrition program is required. With the driver sticking to these sprograms, not only during race week, but also the weeks prior to and following, it helps their overall physical performance and lessens the recovery time from the heat and physical exertion during racing. While rallycross drivers aren’t in the car for nearly as long as endurance drivers, racing can still be very demanding and hard on the body (especially in regards to contact with other drivers).

Conner’s workout routine consists of a multitude of different exercises; for cardio he spends at least an hour everyday running or swimming to increase his endurance, keeping his stamina up for when he’s in the car racing. He is also spending a good amount of time working with a personal trainer lifting weights and strengthening his core each and everyday. This rigorous routine will help him not only avoid getting tired, but also better combat the g-forces and hits experienced during a rallycross race.

He has also completely cut any junk food and fast food from his diet and substituted it with lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy carbohydrates. Conner says he has noticed a big difference, since starting his new diet and continues by saying, “My cardio workouts are improving my endurance daily and I don’t get tired as easily or as often as I used to.”

All of the largest and most successful racing teams have instituted very strict nutrition and fitness programs over the years with great success. It is an additional aspect that any racing team and driver should put a large focus on. It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it is a huge attribute to a good foundation for success and achieve top results.