Co-Driver Clinic with Craig Drew Is Back For 2017!

Uncategorized | February 20, 2017

Whether curious about the sport, just starting out, or a seasoned veteran looking for clever new tricks, DirtFish will provide all of the answers to this unique and exciting highlight of professional rallying. Our two day class is divided into two separate programs: day one involves the basics of co-driving, while day two goes beyond the basics to include advanced techniques used by top professionals around the world.

The Day One program will provide information that will get anyone up to speed with the co-driving role, plus tips and tricks to get the most out of the right seat and avoid the “gotchas” that often pop up.

Day Two is an advanced program focused primarily on expert navigation, information on strategy, writing/reading pace notes, and how to provide the most from your side of the car. Full immersion is the goal of this program, so the afternoon will be spent in the car writing pace notes, and then reading them at speed next to one of our seasoned instructors.

Either class can be experienced individually, or become top of the game and do both!

Subaru factory co-driver, Craig Drew will present all classroom materials and techniques, and provide the proven tools he’s used internationally while riding in some of the top machinery and drivers on the planet. This is a repeat of the clinic we held in 2016, so please feel free to inquire with any questions at


Day 1


Day 2


Both Days