Benjamin Pedersen’s Wild Ride at Mid Ohio

Uncategorized | August 15, 2016

 The second round at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for the FIA F4 US Championship was not an easy weekend for Benjamin Pedersen. The number 24 DirtFish car suffered from electronic issues throughout the weekend which made getting positive results very challenging.

Qualifying –August 12th, 2016

Benjamin had to cope with electronic issues throughout the whole session. The electronics limited full power at certain sections on track and bogged down the engine resulting in slower lap times. Despite this however, Benjamin managed to place the car in 10th position for the first race of the weekend with a total of 16 drivers.


Race 1 –August 12th, 2016

As the formation lap began, heavy rain fall occurred which left all the drivers with 5 minutes to head back to pit lane to switch over to rain tires. The race would now start as a rolling start instead of standing as a result of the heavy rain. On the opening lap, many drivers spun their cars and Benjamin jumped from 10th up to 7th as a result. Benjamin then had a small off track excursion which caused the front wing to barely touch a tire wall resulting in a sideways front wing. Benjamin managed to bring the car back on track in 8th position but only remained on track for a few more laps as the race officials gave Benjamin a mechanical black flag as a result of the front wing being damaged. This unfortunately ended Benjamin’s race 1.

Race 2 –August 12th, 2016

Another start from 10th position, based on Race 1 results. The dry race began and Benjamin was well under way when he again fell into electronic problems. The engine started to bog down not allowing for full throttle early on in the race and the problem gradually grew worse. Then on the 5th lap, the electronics limited any throttle input leaving Benjamin with virtually no throttle pedal. This gave Benjamin no choice but to pull off to the side of the track and retire the car. Benjamin was very disappointed as the race was looking very promising.


Race 3 –August 13th, 2016

Benjamin started in 15 position as a result of the electronic issues in Race 2. As the dry race started, he quickly gained positions and found himself in 6th position almost half way through the 30 minute race. While making an impressive high reward move into the “Keyhole”, he was hit on his right rear wheel, causing his car to take flight and almost flip into the tire wall. Benjamin managed to counter steer while in the air and gain control leaving the number 24 DirtFish car on all 4 wheels again. Benjamin was ok after the incident and the car didn’t suffer from to much damage. Ultimately, Benjamin was upset regarding the fact that he didn’t finish the race as it was going so well and he had gained so many positions in the short time. Despite this however, Benjamin is still heavily motivated to fight for future races and to gain positions in the championship.