Advanced Driving Programs at Subaru Winter Experience

Uncategorized | November 15, 2019

The Advanced Programs at Subaru Winter Experience takes your driving to the next level… on ICE!

If you’ve attended DirtFish Rally School or Subaru Winter Experience in the past, you have the option to sign up for two brand new Advanced Programs! The Two- and Three-Day Advanced Programs build on everything you’ve learned in the normal One-Day and Two-Day classes. We’ll dig deeper into the details of ice driving and work more closely with you as an individual to further refine your skills behind the wheel of a fleet of brand new Subaru WRX STIs, WRXs, and BRZs.

Our belief is that the best way to learn to drive on the ice is by doing it, so you’ll spend most of your time in the driver’s seat—after a quick tour of the safety systems of the vehicles, you’ll get to step right into the car.

After working through the ins and outs of the Subaru Winter Experience Advanced Programs, each course wraps up with a brand new stage rally competition, where you will get a chance to test your skills against the rest of your classmates. It’ll take the right combination of quick reflexes and smart driving to take home the trophy from one of the Advanced Programs. Do you have what it takes to apply your new skills and bring home the win?

The Advanced Programs are perfect for experienced drivers who already have an idea of what they’re doing behind the wheel and would like to refine their skills.